Aquariums and Fish

We carry a large range of fish in store and below is a guide to some of the fish we keep in store, we carry a larger range than this list  and the range in store will always fluctuate depending on availability. Betta's / Fighting Fish (Crowntail, Halfmoon, Mustard Gas, Elephant Ear) , Axolotl / Mexican Walking Fish, Assorted Goldfish like Fantails , Black Moor , Oranda , Ranchu , Lionhead , Butterfly Tail, Pearlscale , Shubunkin and Comets. To Tropical fish such as  Angelfish , Gourami , Tetra's , Guppies , Mollies , Platies , Swordtails , Danios , Catfish , Loaches , Sharks , Ghost Knife  and Pleco's . We also have Discus and stock Cichlids like Mdoka White Lips , Mirrorballs , Electric Yellow , Electric Blue , Cobalt Blue , Hongi , Snow White , Rams , Venustus , Benga , Maingano and Nakali. Peacocks such as Dragon Blood , Eureka Red , OB Orange Blotch , Strawberry and Yellow and many more. Chasing something in particular? - please ask us, we love to go on the hunt to please our customers. 
We also stock everything you need to care for your fish. Beautiful Aquariums such as Fluval Flex and  Aqua One Lifestyle , Gravel , Driftwood , Goldvine , Texas Holey Rock , Zebra and Shodo rock , Aquatic plants and Artificial Plants , Ornaments , Heaters , Pumps, Filters , Food , Treatments and Conditioners , nets , cleaning devices and heaps more. Great World Leading Brands like Fluval and  Xtreme Aquatic Fish Foods.


Why shop for fish with us? We are different to the average shop because;

Quality - is so important when it comes to fish so we work with the very best suppliers and breeders Australia wide which allows us to choose the very best fish available.

In Store Care - all our tanks are run independently of each other - another key factor that sets us apart. We choose to have all our tanks run independently for 3 main reasons; 1. Every fish breed has its own water requirements e.g. different water temperatures & parameters  etc.. therefore having each tank run individually allows us to create the ideal environment for each species. 2. Caring for any illness or disease - whilst it doesn't happen very often but if a fish/tank did come down with a disease it can be easily isolated, treated and cared for.  3. Maintenance and Cleaning - can be personalised to each tanks requirements depending on quantity, fish species etc.. We treat our fish like they are our own pets, we want them to be fed well and as happy and healthy as possible so when you take them home you can have success and  enjoy them.

Service, Advice, Price and Range - We pride ourselves on fantastic service. Unlike some of our competitors, our staff are all passionate fish keepers themselves with all of them currently having multiple aquariums in their own homes. Not only are our staff knowledgeable but are experienced in fish keeping. We also pride ourselves on being one of the cheapest pet stores in Perth (we wouldn't still be around if we weren't). If you are looking for something in particular and we don't seem to have it, please just ask us, we are more than happy to try and get it in for you.