Rescue Cats And Kittens

Rescue Kittens & Cats are available for adoption in store throughout most of the year. Feel free to contact us for more details and availability.

Our shop is proud and passionate in helping re-home rescue cats and kittens. These poor cats and kittens have had a rough start to life and come to us ready to find a permanent loving home. If you are looking at purchasing a kitten or cat, please consider adopting one from us and come and have a look at what we have in store awaiting a loving home.

Adopting a cat or kitten is a wonderful thing to do and we aim to make the whole experience of adoption a memorable one. Our shop and our cats and kittens are in a clean, friendly, air conditioned environment. You can view how they play and interact with other cats and the whole family can meet every one of them to help with the selection process. You can take your time, there are no large crowds and no rush when it comes to choosing.

We have also streamlined the adoption forms making it a much more simple process. Homing a rescue cat or kitten is an exciting part of our day and we want to make adopting a wonderful positive experience for you and your family.

We also collect cat food donations in store to help support the rescue group and feed those who are less fortunate and homeless. If you have something to donate or would like to donate money towards the rescue group please pop in and see us.