Small Animals - Pet Stick Insects , Hermit Crazy Crabs & Mice


Crazy Crabs or Hermit Crabs are awesome little pets, we carry a range of different sized crabs in store. We also have some stunning housing options, plenty of empty shells from natural to painted, lots of substrate options including coloured sand, bowls, caves and all other accessories you may need to create your ultimate setup.

Pet Stick Insects are one of the coolest and latest trends in pets. These pets are not only awesome to look at, you can also handle them and as they grow they shed there skin like a snake! Care for these insects is pretty simple and cheap, with the main task being collecting fresh leaves (natives, mainly Gum/Eucalyptus) for them to live in and munch on.

We usually carry a range of pet insects in store from the Goliath Stick Insect , Spiny Stick Insect , Crowned Stick Insect, Strong Stick Insect and the Leaf Insect. These species are not native to Western Australia - they are Queensland species.

Pet mice can make fantastic little pets, we usually have a great selection of mice to choose from in store. We also have an awesome range of housing options, toys, wheels, food and accessories to fit out your setup.