Dgg Hemp Oil Dog Shampoo
Dgg Hemp Oil Dog Shampoo

Dgg Hemp Oil Dog Shampoo

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DGG Extra Care Hemp Oil Shampoo For Dogs Has A Precise Formula To Care For Your Dog
This natural hemp oil shampoo is designed to provide a deep clean, improve coat health, and create a soft, fluffy, and youthful look
Hemp seed oil adds moisture to the skin and helps to strengthen the coat
Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties and has shown to improve skin disorders such as rashes, dandruff, and eczema
Hemp oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to enhance the coat’s lustre and natural shine
It has been shown that hemp oil can help calm anxious dogs and decrease their stress levels
It can help improve blood circulation, leading to fur re-growth and decreased shedding
Contains Organic Chamomile, St John’s Wart to calm the skin
Organic Honey works alongside hemp oil to provide a deep conditioning effect
Chamomile also helps to enhance the natural brightness of the coat
Cedar and Bergamot essential oils deodorise the coat and leave behind a natural scent
Also contains Ordenone, a safe non-toxic natural compound, that removes odours without aggravating the skin
100% natural botanicals and extracts
pH balanced (6.5 – 7) to suit your dog’s skin
Free from soap, SLES, and parabens
Cruelty free
Australian made
Natural scent
Easy-to-use squeeze bottle
Can be used as often as necessary
Suitable for dogs of all ages and coat types