About us

Who We Are

Our passion is for pets, helpful friendly customer service and having quality food & accessories at some of the cheapest prices in Perth WA.

We are a 100% WA family owned and operated business which first opened in 2011. We’re committed to offering quality food and accessories options at some of the best prices in Perth! With the above attributes we aim to provide the ultimate pet shopping experience for you and your family. If you haven’t discovered us yet, Pop in and check us out today – we are OPEN 7 DAYS a week 


Our passion is for pets, helpful friendly customer service and supplying quality food & accessories.

About the shop

At Carine Pet Central we carry a range of livestock from Rescue Cats and Kittens to Goldfish, Cichlids, Tropical and Fighting Fish, Aquatic Plants, Pet Mice, Pet Stick Insects and Hermit “Crazy” Crabs. We have an fantastic range of quality toys and treats, accessories, aquariums / housing and everything else you may need to assist you in keeping and enjoying your pets.

We also carry some of the best quality foods available at some of the lowest prices in Perth, so when you shop with us you will not only save but all of your pets will receive the best quality products helping them thrive and live a long and happy life. Some of the brands we stock include Dr B’s BARF raw food, Big Dog Raw food, Ziwi Peak air-dried raw food, Prime100 rolls and meat, Meals for Mutts or MFM, WA-made & owned – Cherish, Ivory Coat, Vetalogica Naturals, Blackhawk, Royal Canin, Advance, Science Selective.  Vetafarm Origins, Passwell, API, Fluval and Xtreme Aquatic Foods.

Our passion

We are also passionate in assisting several local West Australian Cat Rescue groups. We help re-home their cats and kittens in store and also assist them by collecting food and other donations for those cats who are still homeless or less fortunate. We usually home over 150 homeless rescue cats and kittens in store each year and donate over 800kg of food and litter directly to the Rescue Groups. (All our staff also do volunteer work to help the rescue groups)

Just by simply shopping with us you are assisting us to continue our ongoing support to these local rescue groups and animals. If you are considering a pet cat or kitten please come and see us and consider adopting one who is in need of a home and is ready to go.

We are not just passionate about cats but all pets, including fish! We are  a proud sponsor the local Perth Cichlid Society too.