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Rescue Kittens & Cats are available for adoption in store throughout most of the year. Please feel free to contact us for more details and availability. 

Our shop is proud and passionate in helping re-home rescue cats and kittens. These poor cats and kittens have had a rough start to life and come to us ready to find a permanent loving home. If you are looking at purchasing a kitten, please consider adopting one from us.

Why adopt from us?

Saving a life

Rather than going through a breeder you'll be rescuing a kitten that might have otherwise been put down.

Fast adoption

We have streamlined the adoption forms, making it a much simpler process.

Well looked after

All the kittens and cats that come to us are loved and well looked after before being adopted.

Adoption pack

Our kittens come with an adoption pack. Upon adoption you'll receive food, kitty litter and more.

What our customers say:

CPC has to be the best pet shop in Perth. Prices are low and service is great! They have a growing fish selection as well, and good aquascaping materials
Nathan Burgess
Great service, small little shop but perfect for what I need for my fish
Pauline Walshe
Excellent customer service and great prices compared to large outlets such as City Farmers. Ryan was extremely helpful and friendly towards my pooch.
Zara Faith
The worker was so nice and helpful, all fish looked healthy and tanks where in pristine condition.
Devon Ways
Ray Kershaw
Guys are always friendly and let the kids put their fingers all over the tanks! Haha! But we have since bought a few fish from there and service is always decent and helpful.
Phillip Withnell
Lot's to like about this place. Great service, good range of pet foods too.
Edward Stephen
Only ordered online from Carine, but always well packed, priced, and occasionally freebies on larger orders.

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Breeding time for cats are normally during the warmer months
Therefore we do not get kittens during winter.


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Before adopting a kitten, consider factors such as your lifestyle, available time for care, and the financial responsibilities of owning a pet. Assess whether you have the resources, space, and commitment to provide a safe and loving environment for a kitten.

Preparing your home for a new kitten involves several steps. Ensure that your living space is safe by removing hazardous objects and securing potentially dangerous areas. Set up a designated space with a litter box, food and water bowls, bedding, and toys. Additionally, kitten-proof your home by keeping cords, chemicals, and breakable items out of reach.

Kittens have unique nutritional needs, so it’s important to feed them a balanced diet. Consult with a veterinarian to determine the best type of food for your kitten. Generally, kittens require high-quality, age-appropriate kitten food to support their growth and development. Provide fresh water at all times and follow feeding guidelines based on your kitten’s age and weight.

Introducing a new kitten to existing pets requires a gradual and controlled approach. Initially, keep the kitten separated from other pets in a separate room for a few days, allowing them to get used to each other’s scents. Gradually introduce them in supervised sessions, ensuring positive experiences and offering treats and praise. Monitor their interactions closely and provide a safe space for each pet to retreat if needed.