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Aqua One’s Hermie’s House is the perfect starter kit to start caring for hermit crabs successfully. Hermie’s House includes a glass tank, bowls, food, salt and sand to help your hermit crabs grow, thrive and stay healthy.

Features & Benefits:Features & Benefits

Hermit crabs love to tunnel and burrow.The supplied sand allows you to create depth in the enclosureallowing your hermit crab can to burrow anytime they like. The special sand is enriched with calcium, vitalfor the health of your Hermit Crab.
The provided hermit crab salt assists with supplying saltwater for your hermit crab to bathe in.
Hermit crab food flakes contain a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals, formulated for easy digestion anda perfect contribution to your hermit crabs diet.
The raised feet on the enclosure allows you to install a heat mat (sold separately) underneath to warm thesubstrate. By introducing a heat mat, it will also increase the moisture in the enclosure.
The provided round bowls create a sturdy place for the hermit crabs to eat, drink and bathe.

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