Pipsqueak Mineral Chew Platform Station Toy Rabbits Guinea Pigs


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Pipsqueak Platform: Elevate Your Small Animal’s Playtime to New Heights! Sizing: 30 x 15 x 15cm – Interactive Play: Our Pipsqueak Platform is designed to take small animal play to the next level, offering a combination of timber and pumice for guinea pigs and rabbits to explore, stretch, and chew on up high. – Dental Health: Elevate your pets’ dental health game! The pumice and wood elements encourage natural chewing behavior, helping to maintain strong teeth and prevent overgrowth. – Stimulation and Exploration: Watch your furry friends stretch, hop, and play as they interact with this engaging platform, stimulating both their bodies and minds. – Safe and Natural: Crafted with pet-safe materials, our platform ensures hours of safe, interactive entertainment for your beloved small animals. – Elevated Enrichment: The elevated design not only offers a unique vantage point but also encourages exercise and play, promoting overall well-being. – For Guinea Pigs and Rabbits: Whether you have guinea pigs, rabbits, or both, the Pipsqueak Platform adds a new dimension to their habitat, making playtime more exciting and enriching. Elevate your pets well-being with the Pipsqueak Platform – a dental-friendly, interactive, and delightful addition to their daily routine. Treat your small animals to an elevated playtime adventure they’ll adore!

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