Xtreme NICE Slow Sinking Colour Enhancing 1.5mm Pellet 142g Aquatic Tropical Fish Food


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Xtreme is regarded as one of the very best premium aquatic foods in the world. Xtreme Aquatic Food diets are formulated using premium ingredients including krill, shrimp, herring, squid, menhaden, octopus along with USA grown spirulina and proprietary Bio-Pack vitamins and minerals. Highest quality marine and vegetable proteins produce natural colour enhancing whilst promoting healthy growth, strong immune systems and active breeding. 100% Hormone free.

Nothing is left to chance, each batch milled is first tested on the tropical fish at the fish farm in Florida where Xtreme foods were created, a multi award winning breeding farm that has been breeding fish for over 45 years so you can be assured that this is the very best. Made in the USA

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